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Your Child’s First Visit To The Dentist

Tooth decay starts at an early age, especially increasing the chances of younger kids suffering from it. Almost half of the children falling between the age group of 2-11 have experienced tooth decay while 32 percent of kids between the ages of 9-11 suffer from cavities in their permanent teeth. Some factors which contribute to this public health issue are the baby formula with extra sugar and extra sugared fruit juices. Breast milk can also lead to cavities in baby teeth because of the presence of natural sugars.


You should start caring for your baby’s teeth as soon as the first one emerges. We suggest that you bring your child in for a dental examination as soon as the first birthday. Regular checkups every six months can establish a dental routine for children that will hopefully last a lifetime.

What Should I Tell My Children About Their First Dental Visit?

Dentists suggest that the first visit to the dental office should happen right after your child’s first tooth pops out. Early care has solved two issues. These early visits to our dental office can help your child adjust to the routine, helping to get rid of the anxiety and fear, and helps to establish a strong bond.

Take A Look At These First Visit Tips:

During your first visit the dentist will:

What About Preventative Care?

Most people understand the importance of visiting a dentist at least twice a year for professional dental cleaning. You may however wonder why. If you follow a good oral care routine and brush and floss regularly, are biannual dental cleanings important then? Yes, they are. The reasons have been given below”]:

Firstly our team of dental experts will clean your teeth thoroughly using their professional dental tools. Moreover, your dental visits are not only for cleaning. During these appointments, our dentist will also examine your oral cavity thoroughly and look for cavities, periodontal disease, signs of oral cancer, and other dental health issues.

Cavity Prevention

Our mouth harbors millions of harmful as well as beneficial bacteria. They form a sticky film-like substance known as plaque that sticks on to the teeth. Regular brushing and flossing help in the removal of plaque before it solidifies into tartar. Tartar acts as a breeding ground for more harmful microbes and releases toxins into the gum tissues

Our gums react to this bacterial attack with an inflammatory response because of the signals of the immune system. Near the base, a small area of gum tissues exists that acts as a crevice or gum pocket. This dark and warm place is an ideal spot for deeper tartar and bacterial invasion, with their toxins entering the base of the gum pockets.

Early swelling leads to bleeding gums, known as gingivitis. Untreated and undisturbed bacteria successfully create a persistent infection in these gum pockets. In certain situations, the bone around the teeth begins to deteriorate while the microbes penetrate deeper. The gums are a bit tender during this stage. However, there is minimal discomfort as the bone disintegrates.

Tips For Cavity Prevention

Dental damages and dental emergency situations are disturbing for both children and parents, but they are also very common. Nearly one-third of children have had some kind of dental trauma, with many more having had a dental emergency.

 2 peak risk periods for dental trauma are toddlerhood (18 to 40 months) when children start exploring and the adolescent period when sports injuries are common.

Here at Radiant Dental Arts, we have a team of dental experts that will take excellent care of your child and are qualified professionals who understand how to reduce dental anxiety in children. Furthermore, Dr. Avina is well-known among children for her unique methods of child treatment! Adults adore us because their children love us much more! You won’t have to worry about your child’s dental fears again.

Dental Sealants

Our goal is to have our patients require as little dental treatment as possible. Children who reach adulthood with the fewest replaced teeth have the lowest likelihood of suffering from future dental issues.

Sealants can significantly minimize the amount of cavities children develop over the course of their childhood. There are deep grooves present on the chewing surface of your molars. They run to the center of your teeth.  These fissures can resemble a vast canyon under a microscope. Actually, most of them aren’t much wider than a single toothbrush bristle, but that’s still plenty of room for bacteria to grow discreetly. It is very easy to understand how cavities can develop in such a perfect spot.



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