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Regular dental examinations are an important element of maintaining good oral health. The first and most crucial step is to practice good oral hygiene at home, which includes brushing and flossing. This is critical since it is the environment in which your teeth are exposed daily. It is particularly detrimental to both tissues and teeth if your mouth is filthy and full of plaque or food. Second, frequent dental cleanings and exams assist to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, as well as numerous costly dental treatments.

What Do the Procedures Entail?

Dr. Avina will only perform scaling and root planing after a complete evaluation of the mouth, which may involve x-rays and a visual inspection. Dr. Avina may propose scaling and root planing depending on the state of the gums, the quantity of tartar present, the depth of the pockets, and the advancement of periodontitis. Local anesthetic may be administered during the surgery in some situations. Local anesthetic may be administered during the surgery in some situations.


A specific treatment plan can be designed with you after acquiring a diagnosis outlining the degree of gum disease. One or two visits to our hygiene experts may be enough to control the problem in milder situations with little or no bone loss. When you leave our office with a plan for daily home care and a maintenance routine in place, you may require little extra treatment.

Root Planing

Most individuals understand that they should visit their dentist at least twice a year for a professional cleaning. However, you may be wondering why. Is there a need for dental cleanings if you brush and floss properly? Yes, for several good reasons.

Benefits of Treatment

While dental emergencies can happen at any time, our customers who commit to regular preventive care appointments frequently have fewer difficulties in the long run. Professional cleanings with a registered dental hygienist allow us to take a proactive approach to your teeth health and treat issues immediately. Regardless of how hard you try, layers of mineralized plaque, known as tartar, attach to parts of the teeth. Millions of dangerous bacteria thrive in these deposits. If left untreated, they pour toxins into the gums, causing catastrophic chronic disorders and even tooth loss.

We can gently remove deposits from the tooth surfaces when you visit us regularly. Bacterial tartar does not have the same opportunity to cause irreversible damage if it is not allowed to sit undisturbed. Furthermore, we utilize professional-strength polishing paste that softly buffs away discoloration and microscopic plaque, leaving your teeth ultra-smooth and glossy. Because discoloration creeps into your teeth’ enamel over time, this helps to minimize yellowing while preserving a glossy surface for better cleaning.


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