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Dental Sealants In San Diego, CA

Our goal is for our patients to require as little dental care as possible. 

Sealants have the potential to greatly reduce the number of cavities that may occur. Deep grooves go through the center of the teeth on the chewing surface of molars. These cracks may resemble a deep canyon under a microscope. Even though most of them are no broader than a single toothbrush bristle, there is still plenty of room for bacteria to hide. It’s simple to see how cavities could occur in such an ideal hiding place.

The risk of decay is greatly reduced if the grooves in permanent molars are filled at a young age. Fortunately, this surgery can be completed swiftly and without pain or anesthesia. By filling up the grooves, the sealant material creates a smooth surface and makes the biting surface easier to clean for tiny hands. A resin material is poured into the grooves and swiftly sealed with a blue curing light.

Dental Sealants


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