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Denture Relines In San Diego, CA

When you acquire new dentures, they usually fit your mouth since they are made specifically for your gums. However, as time passes, gum tissues change, causing the dentures to fall out. This raises the possibility of their moving inside your mouth and causing a variety of difficulties or discomfort. Professional denture relining every 1-2 years maintains them safe and functioning.

Hard Denture Reline

Every two years, all full dentures must be hard relined. We remove a layer of plastic from the internal surface of the dentures and then fill them with a putty-like substance at Radiant Dental. This material responds well to the contours of your mouth, resulting in a precise impression. We then send the denture to the lab, where it is modified to fit your new gum tissue shape. Minimal contact between your mouth and the denture can be kept in this method.

Soft Denture Reline

Because of uncomfortable spots or gum tenderness, a significant number of people are unable to wear standard dentures. In such a circumstance, we recommend that you have the denture relined with a material that will remain flexible for at least two years. This can save you the effort of looking for a substitute. Using such a material decreases the possibility of giving the patient certain spots, which can be an issue with hard-reline acrylic. Patients who continue to have such issues may choose a more permanent option such as implant-retained dentures.

Temporary Relines

If a patient’s dentures have not been serviced for a long period, his or her gums may become swollen or reddish. This can cause complications when taking impressions for a fresh soft reline or hard line.

Dentists advise patients to use a palliative, temporary or reline material to minimize irritation. The reline is generally flexible and soft, allowing the denture to fit exactly in your mouth. After a few weeks, the gums return to normal. After that, the patient is ready for a reline or a new denture.


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