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A denture, often referred to as a complete denture, is a removable appliance that replaces your natural teeth while also providing extra support for your lips and cheeks.

Most dentures are composed of acrylic and can be produced using two methods.

Porcelain, plastic, or a mixture of the two materials could be used to create the teeth. Dentures are constructed in such a way that they can be worn over teeth that have had endodontic surgery. To provide a better fit, a complete denture is connected to dental implants.

Dentures will eventually wear out and need to be replaced to ensure proper jaw alignment. The alignment gradually changes as the bone and gum ridges undergo recession as a result of tooth extraction. If you wear dentures, you should come in for regular dental examinations. This will enable us in assessing your oral tissues for any damage and determining whether any alterations are required.



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