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Gum Disease Laser Therapy

Our experienced dentists are proud to provide the advanced technology available for periodontal treatment that is laser therapy. There are several benefits of using laser treatment as opposed to the traditional procedures which needed a scalpel and also sutures.

Advantages of Laser Dentistry:


With the help of laser therapy, there is less or no bleeding, reduced swelling, no drill noise or vibration, and no charring. The tension and stress usually related to dental work are hence gone when you experience effective, fast, and most importantly pain-less laser methods. Also, postoperative sensitivity is highly reduced by laser therapy, and recovery duration is much faster than with traditional procedures. In fact, because of the less-invasive nature of laser dentistry, the mouth starts to heal instantly after the dental work is done!

gum disease laser therapy
Risk of Infection is reduced:

The laser’s high-energy light beam actually functions as a sterilizer on the part it is working, hence lessening the chance of bacterial infections and also relapses.

Anesthesia Limited or Eliminated:

Since laser dentistry is virtually pain-free, you will no longer have to suffer from fear of injections and also numbness. Usually, only a light anesthetic spray is needed. Laser treatment removes the cost and complications related to anesthesia.

Uses of Dental Lasers:

Our dentists can perform plenty of dental processes using laser dentistry, like osseous surgery, frenectomy, and gum grafting. They are also skilled to utilize laser technology as a method to reform healthy gums and eliminate disease parts in a virtually pain-free process. This procedure also promotes healthy gum to regenerate and fuse to the teeth. There is a way less chance of being attacked by gum disease again when laser treatment is used as compared to traditional surgery.


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