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Gum Disease In San Diego, CA

To halt the growth of gum disease, you will need to maintain regular dental care following your root planing and scaling. The primary purpose of frequent cleaning to avoid gum disease is to keep plaque from accumulating on the surface of your teeth. Plaque is a bacteria-containing biofilm that builds around your teeth. Although plaque occurs naturally, eliminating it and disturbing the germs is a vital element of oral health care. This can be accomplished by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, attending regular professional cleaning sessions, and abstaining from cigarette use. If you have a deep cleaning performed in our San Diego dental office and take the essential procedures to restore oral health at home, but signs of periodontal disease remain, surgery may be required. Contact our dental office now to learn how our San Diego dentist can assist you.

We use a comprehensive cleaning process known as root planing and scaling. This entails cleaning your teeth thoroughly with an ultrasonic tool or a normal scraping tool. Above and below the gum line, as well as on the root surfaces, are cleaned. We’ll also smooth your roots to keep tartar from clinging to the surface. A local anesthetic may be administered in some circumstances to numb your teeth and gums so you may remain comfortable. We also frequently give patients ARESTIN®, an antibiotic composed of microspheres that are inserted directly into pockets beneath the gum line to destroy germs that cause gum disease. The microspheres remain under the gums for several days, releasing antibiotics where they are most needed. The microspheres will disintegrate naturally.

The following conditions make youngsters more vulnerable to periodontal disease:

For example, 10% of 263 Type I diabetics aged 11 to 18 had overt periodontitis, according to a survey of 263 diabetics.


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