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Immediate Dentures in San Diego, CA

Are you suffering from serious periodontal disease, tooth decay, or an injury? Are you in the need of replacing your teeth urgently? An immediate denture can give you the proper relief after your tooth removal. Going by the name, an immediate denture is also a type of denture that is installed in your oral cavity instantly after your teeth have been removed by the dentist.

At first, a precise impression of the lower and upper arches of your mouth will be taken. This will help to provide a bite that replicates the natural one. Dr. Avina will also help you in selecting the right shape and color of your denture teeth and also gums. After this, the dental impression will be sent to the laboratory to build the immediate dentures.

Immediate dentures - what you need to know about them

At Radiant Dental, our trusted dentists and labs have great training and experience to make sure that your dentures and partials fit perfectly. We utilize the latest techniques and materials to build a top-quality prosthesis. We will address your every concern and question and pay all our attention to all your doubts. Your overall satisfaction and comfort are our number one priority.

After Extraction

You gotta follow all our after-care tips without any fail. After the removal process, your bones and gum tissues will start to recede. And therefore, you will require regular exams and proper maintenance to minimize extra problems and to promote proper healing.  Tissue conditioners or temporary linings will be used to get the best fit, and they might require to be altered or replaced many a time during the healing period. After you have entirely recovered, a permanent reline will be performed to give the most comfortable and appropriate fit.


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