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Have you ever had a child plead you not to leave the dental office? Do you say it’s impossible?. That is not the case at Radiant Dental Arts.  This could be due to our gentle touch and unique approach to children. Our pediatric dentists and staff love kids and have been specially trained to ease their dental anxiety. We teach your children how to properly care for their teeth and, more importantly, that visiting the dentist can be enjoyable. dentist can be fun.

Just as pediatricians are specially educated to handle a child’s medical needs, our pediatric dentists are particularly trained to protect your child’s dental health using the latest techniques, everything in our pleasantly welcoming open treatment area. After four years of dental school and four years of college education, pediatric dentists receive an extra two to three years of training at university pediatric centers. Some pediatric dentists (including all of ours) train in general dentistry before specializing in children’s dentistry, which gives them a valuable perspective. They know how to handle children’s behavioral issues, how to make them feel relaxed, and how to make the experience enjoyable. They are also specifically trained to treat patients with special needs.

Some dental issues begin at a young age. Early childhood tooth decay is a serious issue caused by a child spending too long on the bottle (or breast). Periodontal disease is another issue. Around 40% of toddlers aged between 2 – 3 years experience mild swelling of their gum tissues. Oral habits, such as digit sucking, should be addressed as well. The earlier you visit the dentist, the higher your chances of preventing such complications. Healthy and strong teeth make it easier for your child to chew food, speak clearly, and feel good about their looks.

Primary teeth are essential because they help in proper chewing and eating, as well as speech development and aesthetic appeal. A happy child is one who can chew comfortably, speak effectively, and laugh confidently. Primary teeth that are healthy allow for appropriate jaw bone and muscle development, preserve space for permanent teeth, and direct them into the proper position. Permanent teeth may grow in a crooked manner if a baby tooth is lost too early. Pain, abscesses, and infections from decayed baby teeth can extend to permanent teeth as well.  In addition, if damaged baby teeth are not addressed, your child’s overall health may worsen. Remember that some primary molars aren’t replaced until the age of 10-14, therefore they last for several years.

This is a question we are frequently asked. We recommend that you prepare your child in the same way as you might for a haircut or a visit to the shoe shop. It will not be the scary experience you recall from your childhood. If you’re anxious about the trip, say as little as possible. Tension cannot be hidden from a child (they usually have a strong radar for these things). Before the visit, we shall provide you an activity/coloring book that will describe everything. Have a good time going over it with your child. You might be surprised by your child’s reaction to his first dental visit.

Dental decay and children don’t have to go hand in hand any longer. All elements of preventive care are very important to us at Radiant Dental Arts. To protect your child’s teeth, we use the most advanced sealant technology available. Sealants are advanced plastics that are applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth that are susceptible to decay. This is only one of the methods we use to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of good dental health for your child.

We use state-of-the-art sterilizing methods since your well-being and inner peace are always our top priorities. The treatment area is completely disinfected after each patient visit. All non-disposable tools are ultrasonically cleaned and heat-sterilized. During every dental procedure, our workers wear gloves and masks. Please feel free to inquire about the precautions we take to protect your and your children’s safety, as well as a tour of our sterilization section.


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