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Root Canal Treatment

What is a root canal?

“Root canal” — these two terms are synonymous with pain, all thanks to a bygone period when dentists didn’t have access to provide local anesthesia. Fortunately, this part is only a myth now. The modern root canal process is largely pain-free, with little discomfort for the patient.

Professional organizations usually go through a wide range of research projects across the globe. The American Association of Endodontists stays informed and updated on all the past and present research and can definitely uphold the safety and security of this crucial treatment. In fact, materials and the latest treatment techniques can make root canal therapy more effective and successful than ever before. But, also older processes till now hold a proven track record, enabling millions of damaged teeth to keep on functioning.

Endodontists are skilled at managing extreme pain. However, generally, the root canal process itself is painless. This is because the infection in your dental pulp has most likely damaged the nerve endings that give distress and pain signals to the brain.

Our staffs are particularly trained and experienced to work with individuals to relieve pain, tension, and fear, and to understand that doing so is a crucial part of the procedure of root canal treatment. We absolutely want our patients to get back to their daily routine as soon as possible, out of pain, and also safe.

What happens post-treatment?

After the root canal procedure, several patients are able to go back to their regular tasks from the very next day. It’s common to feel little tenderness or slight discomfort around that part for some days. You can include crunchy foods back into your diet at a pace that feels easy and comfortable to you.

Treatments are given to stop the pain, not cause it. A local anesthetic will be given to numb the portion and keep you as relaxed as possible. We work with great care and precision to make sure your experience is painless and also stress-free.

How much will a root canal cost?

The cost related to root canals treatment can actually differ based on factors like the intensity of damage to the affected tooth and particularly which tooth has been affected. Generally speaking, endodontic treatment is much less costly than tooth extraction and replacement with an artificial tooth.


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