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Do you suffer from jaw pain or frequent tension headaches? Which is one of the many general dental treatments we provide. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Not only do TMJ symptoms disrupt your quality of life, they can also jeopardize your oral health. TMJ issues typically stem from an improper bite, teeth grinding habit or direct injury to the jaw or face. Regardless of what caused your TMD, it can pose serious threats to your comfort and daily functions.

Trouble with your jaw?

No one knows exactly what causes this condition, but we do have an idea of what could cause trouble to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Grinding and clenching your teeth can cause a large amount of pressure on the jaw and cause soreness and irritation. Arthritis in the joint and stress can also create the TMJ disorder. If you have the following symptoms, we invite you to come into Radiant Dental and visit with our dentist, Dr. Avina, as soon as you can.

Do You Have a TMJ Disorder?

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic facial and neck pain as well as recurring headaches. In some cases, this pain is due to TMJ.

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect your lower jawbone to your skull. These joints get a lot of use throughout the day as you speak, chew, swallow, and yawn. Pain in and around these joints can be unpleasant and may even restrict movement.

TMJ Treatment

TMJ sufferers report that their symptoms generally worsen during periods of prolonged or unexpected stress, and that intense outbreaks of the condition can lead to neck pain and dizziness.

One common cause of TMJ is the misalignment of the teeth, often called “bad bite.” It is possible for the dentist to realign or adjust the teeth without the need for painful or expensive surgeries. The realignment/adjustment may stop headaches, jaw pain, and dizziness.

It is important for anyone experiencing the symptoms of TMJ to visit Radiant Dental for an exact diagnosis.

When it comes to TMJ, there are many types of treatment approaches. Our office uses advanced imaging and technology to accurately pinpoint the cause of your jaw pain and/or facial pain. Based on our comprehensive assessment of your jaw joint and the surrounding muscles and tissue, we may recommend one or more therapies. These therapies may include a dental night guard, enamel reshaping, dental crowns or orthodontics. The goal of any TMJ treatment plan is to stabilize your bite so that teeth and jaw muscles can work together without causing excessive strain on the joint.

Don’t suffer through the disruption and discomfort of TMJ. In fact, the earlier you seek intervention, the more conservative your treatment can be. Contact our Radiant Dental office today, and let us help you find long-term relief from your jaw pain.

What about bite correction or surgery?

To take control of the pain and discomfort you are feeling, come into our office now and meet with your dentist. We are happy to help you in any way we can.


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