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Tooth Brushing In San Diego, CA

Brushing & Flossing Instructions

We can gently remove deposits from the tooth surfaces when you visit us regularly. Bacterial tartar does not have the same opportunity to cause irreversible damage if it is not allowed to sit undisturbed. We also utilize the professional-strength polishing paste to gently buff away discoloration and microscopic plaque, leaving your teeth ultra-smooth and shiny. Because discoloration creeps into your teeth’ enamel over time, this helps to minimize yellowing while preserving a glossy surface for better cleaning.

When To Begin Brushing

While dental crises can happen to anyone, our patients who commit to regular preventive care have considerably fewer difficulties in the long run. Professional cleanings with a registered dental hygienist enable us to provide you with a combination of proactive measures. Even with your best efforts, deposits of mineralized plaque, known as tartar, attach to certain places of the teeth. These deposits provide a haven for millions of dangerous microorganisms. They release a flow of toxins into the gums if left untreated. This frequently leads to debilitating chronic conditions, including tooth loss.

Brushing their teeth can be a difficult task for most toddlers. Some ideas for making tooth brushing less of a chore include:

Allowing your child to eat or drink anything that may briefly “stain” their teeth and then scrubbing them clean will help them grasp the necessity of cleaning.

It’s also a good idea to develop a “teeth brushing habit.” And follow the same regimen every day.


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