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Women & Periodontal Health

Throughout a woman’s entire life, hormonal changes actually affect the tissue throughout the whole body.
Changes in levels happen when a woman hits puberty, pregnancy, and also menopause. During these phases, the risk of periodontal disease may rise, which needs special care of your dental health.


While a woman hits puberty, there is an increased production of sex hormones. These higher levels heighten gum sensitivity and result in greater attacks from plaque and food debris. The gums can turn swollen, become red, and feel tender.


Sometimes same symptoms happen so many days before menstruation. You can notice bleeding of the gums, sores on the inside of the cheek, or even bright red swelling between the teeth and gum. The symptoms slowly go away once the period gets started. As the number of sex hormones starts to lessen, so do these issues.


Your gums and teeth even get affected during the phase of pregnancy. Between the second and eighth months, you may find your gums swell, bleed, and also turn red or tender. Large lumps may occur as a reaction to local irritants. But, these growths are usually pain-free and not cancerous. They may need professional elimination but generally vanish after pregnancy.

Periodontal health always must be a part of your prenatal care. Any infections that occur during pregnancy, including periodontal infections, can put the baby’s health at risk.

The best method to avoid periodontal infections is to start with healthy gums and keep on maintaining your oral health with proper home care habits and careful periodontal checks.

Oral Contraceptives

Bleeding, swelling, and tenderness of the gums may even happen when you are having oral contraceptives, which are actually synthetic hormones.

You must inform about any prescribed doses you are taking, including oral contraceptives, before dental or medical treatment. This will help cut down the risk of drug interactions, like antibiotics with oral contraceptives – where the effect of the contraceptive can be reduced.


Transformations in the appearance and feel of your mouth may happen if you are menopausal or post-menopausal. You may experience pain and burning in your gum tissue and also find peppery, salty, or sour tastes.

A proper oral regime at home and professional cleaning may eliminate these symptoms. There are even saliva substitutes to solve the effects of dry mouth.


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