Dental Implants

Why Dental Implants Are Better Than Other Tooth Restorations?

Missing teeth can make you feel embarrassed while you talk, eat, or smile. It also results in oral health complications for you as you. Speaking of teeth replacement, nowadays, you have too many options available. Dental implants have got a remarkable set of benefits. Today implants have totally changed the teeth replacement method. 

What are dental implants?

Dental implants act as false tooth roots and they look, feel, and function as natural as your original teeth.  And they are created of Titanium which looks like the shape of screws.

Listed below are a few benefits of Implants which will help you understand why they are better than other tooth restoration options.

Benefits of implants

Prevents Bone Loss

When you have got missing teeth, you ultimately tend to lose bone mass in your jaw. Dental implants are the only restoration method to replace that jaw bone stimulation. It prevents bone loss.

Resembles Your Original Teeth

Your implant dentist will design your implants to exactly color-match your adjacent teeth. He/she will make sure that it fits appropriately in the gap. 

Revives Bite Force

Implants are anchored inside your jaw. Hence, they enable you to bite properly just as you use to do with your original teeth. 


There are different kinds of dental implants available. And they can even support many custom-built implant restorations. For example- bridges, full-arch dentures, and crowns.

Restores your Natural Appearance

Once you have lost your teeth, your facial muscles slowly become saggy and you appear aged.  Implants can effectively fix this issue.

Enables Natural Speech

You may face some trouble while you speak, as you’ve missing teeth. Implants enable you to speak normally and smoothly.

Won’t Get Cavities

The material with which dental implants are composed doesn’t decay. You need not bother about getting cavities in your implants!

Easy Maintenance

They don’t require additional care. You need to follow your daily oral care routine. Just brush and floss, like your real teeth.

No Awkward Slippage

Patients with dentures generally feel self-conscious while they eat, speak, smile, or laugh in public. But implants are rigidly fixed and will never embarrass you.

Supports Adjacent Teeth

A gap created in your mouth due to lost teeth can cause misalignment. Implants definitely fill your gap and give a straighter and amazing smile.

A Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss

 Implants are built to last forever unlike other tooth restoration methods.

Over to you!

It’s pretty clear now why dental implants have become the new age of care for individuals with missing teeth and why people prefer them over other restorations. Satisfied implant patients are amazed by the results they achieve. But, let your trusted dentist prescribe the perfect option for your condition!

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